While it is true that answering your preliminary questions will be a deal breaker, finding important items prior to tree trimming San Diego service should also be a part of your test as well. Having this effort before the actual service validates your status as someone who is very meticulous with her/his garden. These items will help you decide whether the service provider is worthy of the stint or not. The availability of these items speaks volumes of professionalism. As always, we go for the guys who are professional because after all the scale of work and danger, they have to endure is no joke.

Separate the professionals from the rest of tree trimming service con artists by searching for these items:

Certification/s from tree trimming groups. Professional tree trimming groups (both international and local) ensure good practices to the society at large. It is their duty to include business establishments/service providers in their official roster of trimming professionals who have the same values as them. Certification also includes completion of training.

Company truck. It doesn’t matter if the truck is new or old, so long as it has their name written with great visibility (well-established groups consider this as a branding effort), has efficiency to get them moving from their office to your place, and moreover has assistance to lift the trimmers up above. Truck should be in optimal shape to match the demands of the tasks. A well taken-cared truck is a reflection on how they will do the trimming of your trees.

Comprehensive contract. This document shall cover in full detail all of their tree trimming task/s (name of the task/s and their estimate to finish it, equipment/s to be used, aftercare of the task/s,

and more importantly, their professional rate). It should also highlight your right as client (this include policies on damaged items due to their negligence) and theirs as the service provider (this include occupational safety procedures with appropriate protective gear).

Hard hats. Since tree trimming service is a hazardous task involving heights and debris, hard hats are required as their protection for their heads.

Insurance certificate. This shall provide coverage for involved personnel should there be untoward incident in the duration of professional tree trimming.

References. A list of references or their previous clients will help you decide whether or not they provide quality tree trimming service. The longer the list of satisfied clients, the more reasonable it is to get them do the trimming job.

Website. For today’s professionals, a website is now considered as the modern-day portfolio. It should bear name of the trimming service provider, professional affiliations (both international and local), feedbacks coming from previous clients, and links to their social media accounts. The website can also be their avenue to share valuable learning about tree trimming (like spikes are to be considered as a red flag since they cause unhealthy wounds to your trees). On top of its being paperless, you can view their modern portfolio with the comforts of your gadget, may it be tablet or mobile phone.