Even though stucco is being widely utilized all over the world, applying stucco has its fair share of its advantage and disadvantages. To know more about this, keep on reading and find out.  

Here are the following benefits of using stucco: 

Beautiful Appearance 

With exterior stucco finishing, expect it to become seamless and smooth. The product’s sliding touch amplifies its visibility and adds amazing aesthetics to any property. Also, it can be mixed with various colors to achieve the exact look that you desire. The material can be molded into designs and shapes. Its versatility leads to innovative external architecture. Moreover, thin stone veneer finishing adds a glossy and smooth touch.  

Increased insulation 

Stucco is made of lime, silica, cement, and sand, all of which are great materials for insulating. When this is used to the exterior of a property, it helps to keep it warm during the winters and cool in the summer. This results in a reduced dependency on heating systems and air coolers.  

Enhanced durability 

Stucco is a very strong product and can last for several years. At the time, it is used over a mesh of metal wires to assist it to stick well on the surface. Furthermore, this enhances the longevity and strengthens the hold of the structure it’s used on. Moreover, thin stone veneer and lightweight veneer stone installation are some of the good add-ons.  

Quick and easy to install 

Relatively, stucco is easier to use compared to a brick veneer. You can externally mix stucco and bring it to the ideal consistency. This mixture could be immediately applied and is durable and strong. Also, it protects buildings from dust and moisture.  


Even though this is a great alternative for traditional plaster and cement finishing, it also has its share of shortcomings: 

Not invincible 

While durable and strong, stucco isn’t that flexible. As a matter of fact, if there are constant moisture surrounding it and frequent earthquakes, the stucco could develop cracks. The stucco’s brittleness puts it a great disadvantage to applying in places with unsteady landscapes and humid climate.  

More expensive 

Stucco is more expensive compared to cement counterparts, plain plaster, and brick veneer. A complete exterior stucco lasts for many years. However, the starting amount needed to set it up could be a huge investment.  

Fixing is difficult 

During the process of installation, any errors could compound into expensive issues in the future. Small cracks caused by moisture or water seepage might get enlarged if overlooked and need expensive repairs. For you to alter the change the color of stucco walls, it will be needed to sandblast or scrape off the previous stucco before you can apply a new coat. If this is not performed, cracks might appear on the surface.  

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